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The history of the Massolinos and their wine became entwined with the history of Serralunga d’Alba in 1896, when Giovanni founded the estate. Giovanni was the very first person to bring electricity to the village. An enterprising, tenacious, and creative man, he is the progenitor of a family that has made the combination of inspiration and tradition something of which to be proud. The first wine cellar was built by Giuseppe, son of the founder Giovanni, who, together with his sister Angela, extended his estate into the best soils and, in 1934, was one of the founders of the Consortium for the Defence of Barolo and Barbaresco. At that time, Giuseppe had six children. Three of them, Giovanni, Camilla, and Renato, followed in their father’s footsteps, expanding the estate with the purchase of cru vineyards which are authentic jewels: Margheria, Parafada, and Vigna Rionda. In the 1990s, Franco and Roberto, both oenologists, joined the family estate. Their work condenses the experience of an entire family and the ambition of a new generation, determined to make an important contribution to the innovation of oenological and agronomical techniques and to the image of the estate in Italy and abroad.

Region: Piedmont

Website: http://www.vineyardbrands.com/producer.aspx?id=109

Massolino Moscato d'Asti 2018
Massolino Nebbiolo Langhe 2012/16
Massolino Dolcetto d'Alba 2016/17
Massolino Barbera d'Alba 2017
Massolino Barbera d'Alba Gisep 2015
Massolino Barolo "Margheria" 2014
Massolino Barolo "Parafada" 2012/13/14
Massolino Barolo "Parussi" 2013/14
Massolino Barolo "Serralunga" 2014
Massolino Barolo "Vigna Rionda" Riserva 2011/12