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Domaine Chaume-Arnaud

Chaume-Arnaud began with a family-owned estate that grew grapes for many generations. For decades the Chaume family historically sold their entire crop to the local cooperative. In 1996, Valérie Chaume struck out a new path—she decided to put her oenology degree to use, borrowed an old press and a few tanks from her parents, and began producing wine of her own. In 1999, together with her husband, Philippe, they began bottling and selling wine under the Chaume-Arnaud name. Today Valérie and Philippe own 33 hectares in Vinsobres, and 6 hectares in the Côtes du Rhone Village Massif d'Uchaux and Saint Maurice. The estate became certified biodynamic as of the 2009 vintage. The Vinsobres AOC spans 450 hectares located in the northern stretch of the Southern Rhône. Vinsobres recently earned its separate AOC distinction in 2005, previously falling under the Côtes-du-Rhône Villages Vinsobres appellation. Vinsobres benefits from higher altitudes, and therefore, cooler climates than its southern brethren. It has rocky and sandy soils on its hillsides, and quaternary rocky, alluvial soils on its terraces, with lots of galets roulés, much like Chateauneuf-du-Pape. It is protected from the Mistral wind thanks to the nearby mountains.

Region: Rhone Valley

Chaume-Arnaud "Vinsobres" 2015