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Domaine du Clos de Tart

The Clos de Tart was founded in 1141 by the Tart Abbey Bernardine sisters, a branch of the nearby Cistercian congregation. In 1791, the Clos de Tart was purchased by the Marey-Monge family, it was then acquired by the Mommessin family, from the Mâconnais, who thus became the sole owners of this estate. This is a single plot of land covering 7.53 hectares of vines located on the Morey-Saint-Denis terroir in the Côte de Nuits. The vines are mostly more than 50 years old. Since its creation, this Clos has never been parcelled out and it is presently the largest Grand Cru classified property in Burgundy.

Region: Burgundy

Website: http://www.clos-de-tart.com/en/#/Accueil

Clos de Tart Grand Cru Monopole 1996/99/01/03/11/13/14/16
Clos de Tart "La Forge de Tart" 1er Cru Morey St. Denis 2011/16/17