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Plucked just in time, right before the first fall rains came down our 2006 Santa Barbara Chardonnay saw a lot of hang time and developed lush tropical fruit flavors as a result. But that seems to be the norm at El Camino Vineyard, where the Northern Santa Barbara County nights are cool and the days stay coastal cool, never breaking 95 degrees. The soil is chalky in this vineyard which is 5 miles from the ocean and 2 miles south of the Santa Rita Hills appellation. The fruit gets to see a lot of vine time and develops the rich flavor profile our vineyards are famous for throughout the wine industry. On this Chardonnay, we wanted to keep as much of the fruit flavors as possible so the wine has only received a little bit of malolatic fermentation and no oak. The wine has such a rich mouth feel we didn’t think it was necessary to try and add anything to distract from the natural acid, fruit and round quality of the wine. In 2007, Loma Verde Vineyards in Santa Barbara County and Arroyo Loma Vineyard in Monterey County were the vineyards of choice for our Octavia Pinot Noir. These vineyards receive a nice contrast of cool nights followed by warm sunny days. Our Pinot Noir flourishes in this environment and develops excellent color and rich flavors. We ferment our Central Coast Pinot Noir at low temperatures to allow for maximum extraction of flavors and aromas. The wine is aged in French oak for 9 months to add complexity. Octavia is a perfect partner for salmon, pork, Asian cuisine, or as all by itself with friends. Enjoy!! Octavia Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon has consistently come from Firehouse and Branch Vineyards in the heart of the Paso Robles appellation. We chose these vineyards, because while they have the heat indicative of the appellation, they also have excellent soil structure and uniformity, allowing the grapes to ripen evenly and develop rich concentrated flavors. Our Cabernet Sauvignon is fermented at a cooler temperature to maintain the aroma of strawberries and dried cherries. We’ve given this Cab a limited oak regime of French and American Oak. By not pushing to much oak on the wine, we allow the fruit to shine through. This wine is perfect for many of your favorite hearty meals or shared with friends on its own. Enjoy!! Often the last vineyards picked, Sweetwater Vineyards and Alta Loma were the obvious choices for our 2006 High Note Merlot. With exceptionally long hang time, accompanied by an excellent combination of hot days and cool nights, the Merlot grapes maintained their acidity, kept their rich aromas, and express a deep almost-black-purple color. The grapes are supple and make excellent wines. The vineyards from where the grapes are sourced sit on rolling hills that provide excellent sun exposure and cooling breezes. Our Merlot is fermented at low temperatures to maximize its flavors and structure. A little French and American oak compliment the fruit but don’t overwhelm the mouth feel of the wine. It’s rounder than most Monterey Merlots and its complexity will be apparent in the years to come, as the wine develops in the bottle. Great with your favorite hearty meal or to share with friends on its own. Enjoy!!

Region: California


Octavia Santa Barbara County Chardonnay 2013