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France : Alsace

General Information: Alsatian vinegrowers have been producing wine since the Roman conquest. Alsace production is very exclusive among French production. It is easy to understand it from the name of the grape-varieties used for the production of the wine, such as Riesling, Gewurztraminer or Sylvaner. More than 90% of the wines in Alsace are white. They are all of them excellent refreshing white wines.

Climate:Semi-continental with hot summers and cold winters with frequent snowfall

Soil:Very diverse, from sand and granite to clay and marl Volcanic soil on Rangen and Kastelberg grands crus

Grapes:Riesling (23% of Alsace wines) Pinot Blanc (20%) Gewurztraminer (18%) Tokay Pinot Gris (13%) Sylvaner (12%) Other grapes in Alsace: Pinot Noir (10%) - Muscat (2.5%)

Jean Luc Mader
Domaine Weinbach (Available in VA only)