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Spain : Alicante

General Information: For centuries this area of Castilla La Mancha was frontier territory. The castle was built to guard the Vinalopó valley, which marked the border between the medieval kingdoms of Castile and Aragon. Almansa DO’s history has been one of producing full-bodied reds which were sold to blend with others from the region, as well as being imported by English, Swedish and Flemish merchants, until the mid-nineties, three decades after it won DO status in 1966. The La Marina district was incorporated into the DO in 1987.

Climate:The climate is divided between two subregions, the Vinalopo valley and La Marina. The Vinalopo region is continental that is generally dry and is subject to greater continental influence the further inland one travels, this is the main region for red wine production. The La Marina region is Mediterranean in climate with a milder winter and is distinctly more humid, this is the main region for white wine production.

Soil:Light soils with some alluvial material on top of limestone bedrock.

Grapes:Traditional Spanish grape varieties still hold sway here with Monastrell the predominant variety. Garnacha is also important. Vine training is typically low to the ground and unstructured with wires to allow the vines to better deal with the intense summer heat

Joaquin Galvez Bauza